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Ostrich Exotic Skins

Kelly-Larson is proud to feature ostrich skins from Klein Karoo International. Klein Karoo is the largest and oldest ostrich tannery in the world located in the Southern Cape town of Oudtshoorn, South Africa, aka the ostrich capital of the world. We are the sole representative for Klein Karoo in the United Sates and carry more than 10,000 plus skins in stock for immediate delivery.

Klein Karoo’s skins are renowned worldwide as the benchmark of quality in the industry, and have afforded us the ability to carry a large variety of colors and finishes. The consistency of quality allows us to deliver to our customers the same high standards month after month.

Ostrich skins are sold by the square foot and range in size from 14.00 ft. to 17.75 ft. We carry a full array of aniline, metallic, and vintage finishes. Take a look at our very popular Mad Dog and Cowboy Classic (CC) distressed finishes.

Ostrich legs are available in the standard glazed finish and our new stone wash finish. Legs are priced and sold by the skin.

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